This is the place where you can explore booths from the hottest K-Beauty brands to the tastiest Korean Food vendors and interactive spaces around dance, music, and movies. We also welcome you to watch live performances and artist interviews on our KCON Stage and learn the dances of your favorite lineup artists at our Dance Workshops.


Do really enjoy discussing your love of Korean music, fashion, beauty, dramas, culture, and more? Or, are you new to “hallyu”? Our panels may be just the place for you. Want to know about how K-Pop is made? Our panels welcome industry experts like K-Pop music makers Andreas Oberg and David Amber to give you an insider look.


Dance workshops are a KCON classic and ultimate convention fan favorite. Get concert-ready and learn each lineup artist’s latest hit dance from some of the biggest names in choreography and dance like 1MILLION, GoToe and Ellen and Brian. Each day, thousands of fans join us to dance from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. so let loose and have fun!


KCON’s K-Pop Talk Show. Watch as idols groups like TWICE, The Boyz, Stray Kids, Super Junior, and more discuss their life, careers, and hidden talents.


KCON ROOKIES is a brand new program for KCON 2020 NY. Think of it as a 2-hour showcase for rising K-Pop artists to perform and bewitch you into becoming a fan. Won’t you say yes to the fandom?


Meet the biggest artists and rising stars in K-Pop with KCON’s artist engagements. Each session is a little different, but to give you a general idea, artist engagement sessions include a Q&A, game time, and culminate in a hi-touch! Session components vary by artist and access varies by your choice of artist engagement package. Read on to learn more about artist engagement and who we’ve welcomed over the years.


The KCON STUDIO is KCON’s first live video content creation zone. Think of it as if your favorite influencers had to make a YouTube video right in front of your eyes. Actually, that’s exactly what it is. This past year, (G)I-DLE and ATEEZ took the stage to play a high-stakes game of “Dance Jenga” and make a live MV with fans. Stay tuned for more updates about KCON 2020 programs!


If panels are about discussing your passions, workshops are about living out your passions. Through interactive workshops like “Decorate your own KCON fansign,” “Make your own KCON embroidered patch,” and “How to K-Pop with the next generation,” we invite you to bring your friends and family to create your own unique KCON experience.


You may think of a “KCON Stage” as our evening M COUNTDOWN concerts, but our convention has its own stage right in the center of the Expo. What can you see there? From convention open to close, follow the cheers, the music, and your fellow fans to KCON’s own center stage to see live performances and idol programs. See you there!