KCON 2019 NY Moments That’ll Make You Say, “Is it KCON Yet?”

Hi! As we get ready for KCON 2020 NY, we wanted to look back at our first ever KCON in Manhattan--KCON 2019 NY. KCON is a huge event so whether Read More

KCON Q&A: KCON 2020 NY Early Bird Ticket Sales

Hi! We read through hundreds of comments and questions you had about KCON 2020 NY Early Bird and found some common themes. Below you'll find our answers to the top Read More

How To Get Early (and Discounted) Tickets to KCON!

For the first time ever, we’re announcing Early Bird tickets for KCON 2020 NY. Here’s what you need to know: From March 2, 2020 at 3 p.m. EST, you will

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Everything You Need To Know about The KCON STUDIO

Welcome KCON 2019 NY fans to this very special post about a very special program that’s exclusive to you. That’s right, we’re here to tell you everything you need to

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My KCON Adventure – Guide to KCON18LA

Welcome, new and returning KCON-ers! Each year, we have tons of fun programs for you to enjoy! We know that in the midst of all the fun, it can get

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My KCON Adventure – First Time KCON-ers!

So, it’s your first KCON. You’re being bombarded by KCON vocab like “K-Activity Zone,” “STAR Live Talk,” and “Star Square,” not to mention panels, workshops, artist engagements, and two concerts. There’s

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SF9 Rowoon’s Guide to Becoming A “Prince of Too Many Charms”

*Originally posted on KCON.TV   SF9 is definitely a rookie group on the rise these days. They’re making their U.S. debut at KCON NY (Jun 23-24), their latest single “Easy

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[KCON.TV] 6 Things The Internet Has Taught Us About #KCON17NY Artist, KNK

1) They are big fanboys of fellow #KCON17NY artist, HIGHLIGHT   KNK accomplished fanboys #KNK #HIGHLIGHT pic.twitter.com/iYzFftsa9w — Lita🌺리타 (@kinetics123) March 29, 2017 2) The family dynamic between KNK is as follows:

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[KCON.TV] 10 Dance Moves We Can’t Wait To See From UP10TION At #KCON17NY

UP10TION’s “White Night” choreography is going to look so good up on that KCON New York stage!…READ MORE

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[#KCONMEXICO] KCON Mexico Dates and Venue Announced!

Hello, KCON-ers! We are super excited to announce that KCON Mexico is happening at Mexico City Arena from March 17 to 18, 2017! If you are already following KCON USA but

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