A Thank You Letter to KCON NY Fans

And with a burst of confetti, KCON NY 2016 has ended. We may have grown quickly into a 2-day event, but the short time we spent with you seemed to go by even faster this year.

Each year, it is truly an honor to create an event with only one job in mind, to make you happy–whether it be through artist engagements, performances, panels, or even a sweet, chilly bite of a Melona bar. When we looked around the convention (and we’ve got the 60,000+ photos to prove it), the overwhelming emotion wasn’t anger or frustration and it definitely wasn’t “meh.” What we saw was a seemingly infinite number of smiles from the people who make this event worth it–you. Your happiness is what truly defines this event and for that, we thank you.

KCON NY 2016 exceeded all of our wildest dreams of success. We grew by a day, by a concert, by 20+ convention programs, by a stage, and by an entire food market–but to be absolutely over-flowing with fans from gate to gate is like a dream. And so, we thank you for making this dream come true.

For getting out the word again to your friends, to your friends of friends, to your friend who was like “I don’t like K-Pop” but who you forced to come anyway, and even to your family, thank you. The spirit of your support for this event is something we’ll carry with us as we finish planning KCON 2016 LA (July 29th – July 31st!!) and all of the other KCON events across the globe.

Now that we’ve all returned from the cobbled streets of Newark back to our streets of our hometowns, we realized that we have one more “thank you” to extend–and that is to the KCON staff that you, our fans, may never see. You’ve seen some of our staff via the #KCONLiveChat and many of you have seen our social media and convention programming teams running around on site–basically the “youngins'” who live to run and Snap–but there is an entire staff who toil behind the scenes to make KCON work.  To those people, who fly in, create a convention from the ground up, and sleeplessly fly out again coffee and luggage in hand, we thank you for–everything.

KCON NY fans, thank you and let’s play again next year!


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