Play with Ailee at #KCON16NY!

In 2011, Ailee with Wheesung held a performance on the MBC’s Chuseok special episode of “Singer and Trainee”. Ailee’s stage presence was immediately felt by the audience, who was amazed that she was like a professional singer, even though she had not yet debuted, officially. Debuted in Feb. 9, 2012, rookie singer Ailee has been receiving much attention after debuting her new song Heaven, earning a positive response from industry insiders alike for her explosive vocal talent which instantly made the song a big hit for 3 months.

Ailee attracted explosive interest on KBS Immortal Song and other singers were deeply moved by her performance from her powerful vocal, high expressiveness and tremendous stage manner. Also, she is beloved by people regardless of sex or age and is called opposite girl, Ailee because of her naïve character showing right after her own charismatic performance.

It brings to a rapid climb to stardom to her such as TV commercial, TV program and performance proposal which is granted her to be the best rookie singer. Her future music and performance are being watched with keen interest.