KCON - LA - Special Guests

Dramabeans – Sarah Chung, Jen Chung [#KCON18LA Special Guest]

Sarah is the creator of Dramabeans, a site she started in 2007 under the name “javabeans” in order to discuss her favorite K-dramas with other diehard fans, hoping there would be some. It turns out there were many more than she could ever imagine, and now, 11 years and over 5,000 recaps later, Dramabeans has grown into the K-drama fan’s go-to destination for recaps, analysis, and discussion over all things drama, from narrative deconstruction to shipping fandom OTPs.

Jen, or “girlfriday,” is javabeans’ co-pilot and co-conspirator at Dramabeans, home to all things K-drama, where no plot hole, wrist-grab, or piggyback is left unturned. She’s happiest when watching dramas and discussing them with other addicts, and is proud of the inclusive, global community that Dramabeans has become over the years. Dramabeans is many things—recaps, news, reviews—but more importantly, it’s a home where all are welcome, as long as they wear their fan-love on their sleeves.

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