KCON - LA - Special Guests

Eddy [#KCON18LA Special Guest]

Edward Avila began his YouTube career nearly a decade ago (which makes him an old man on the internet). After a failed attempt at comedy videos he began discussing K-beauty products to, at the time a small, community. Fast forward to now the K-beauty industry is alive and booming and Edward likes to pretend that he had some hand in that (which he really didn’t).

After moving to Seoul he began to (and to the dismany of many) expand his channel into other areas, such as lifestyle, vlogging, and k-pop. He even began a (failed) music career with his friends under the titular tropical/house/edm group, Trophy Cat.

As YouTube expands and changes everyday Edward hopes to continue to provide what little he does to the world of K-beauty and Korean tourism. And here’s to hoping that this bio is sufficient as last year’s was apparently “lacking”.

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