[#KCON17LA] Artist Announcement Hints – K.A.R.D

K.A.R.D is coming to LA right before they start their America and South America tours~ If you didn’t get a chance to see them when they first visited the states, here’s your chance! Who’s ready to see K.A.R.D at #KCON17LA??!!!!!



REASON: Jiwoo can do a really accurate impression of Doraemon! Watch from 1:40~


HINT #2: 24 DAYS

REASON: When the hints were revealed on our social media, K.A.R.D had 24 days until their debut! Their official debut album ‘Hola Hola’ is to be released on July 19th, 2017.


HINT #3: Born Hater

REASON: Somin was in the MV for “Born Hater”. She peeks in during Beenzino’s scene at 1:10, and at the end at 4:51!



REASON: Card soldiers = K.A.R.D!!!!!! All 4 of their members represent a different playing card.
Listen to their first single, “Oh NaNa” below~



We hope you’re all as excited for K.A.R.D as we are~ Don’t forget, convention tickets go on sale in two days, July 21 at kconusa.com!

~KCON Staff