[#KCON16LA] Song Stash Card (ver. I.O.I)

We’re getting ready for #KCON16LA and to help our fellow KCON-ers we’ve prepared a special Song Stash Card for I.O.I to give you song suggestions to listen to before the concert!



And our Top 5 I.O.I Song Picks were…


BUT WAIT, have more I.O.I songs you love? Please let us know in the comments to help out your other fellow KCON-ers looking for more great I.O.I tunes!


Add those songs to your playlists to prepare for #KCON16LA!
♫ Happy listening! ♫


*NOTE: Song Stash Playlist Cards are NOT the artists’ set lists for KCON. The playlists are simply songs voted on by KCON-ers or chosen by KCON staff in order to help recommend songs to listen to from the artist in preparation for KCON. (All stages are kept a secret and prepared especially by the artists! ❤)