[HINTS] Block B at #KCON16LA

Don’t worry KCON-ers, you’ll get to see Block B not “a few years later” but “a few months later” at KCON Los Angeles! If you tuned into #KCONLiveChat, Vanessa & Danny announced that our beloved Block B members will be back at L.A. to play with us!

Starting from 12 PM, we gave hints every hour about GFriend & Block B. How successful were you trying to guess our Block B hints & references? We thought you guys did “Very Good”!

Hint: Twinsies!

Matching outfits that resonate with Zico’s MV “I am You, You Are Me” theme ^ 3 ^


Hint: Letters!

Letters! Letters! Letters! What could this mean? If you got a quick glance at the address on one of these letters, it had a specific P.O. (*wink wink*) box # written on it.

Hint: LA x2!

Nothing complicated~ This is just symbolic of how many times Block B came to KCON LA! Easy peasy lemon squeezy right?



Hint: Scrolling through the Years

I wonder what our schedule will be “A Few Years Later”?


Hint: A Map of Glendale!

Last year, Park Kyung mentioned at KCON that he was from Glendale! Did this ring a bell?!


YAY! You guys did it~ Ready to play with Block B at KCON LA 2016?!~

Tune in next week Thursday starting 12PM to our snapchat to discover more hints about our next artist announcement! DO YOU ACCEPT THE CHALLENGE?!


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