[HINTS] Eric Nam at #KCON16NY

This isn’t a DREAM KCON-ers! Eric Nam will be coming to KCON 2016 New York! With mic in hand, Eric Nam hopes to be GOOD FOR YOU and have you singing OOH OOH as he channels his inner MC and Singer to bring you an amazing show!

Every week the KCON team challenges fans with deciphering hints about the new artists joining KCON via our Snapchat (@KCONUSA). This week, we came up with an assortment of clues (with the help of some fellow idols) to reveal our latest KCON New York addition Eric Nam. Check out the Snapchat clues and explanations we used for this week below:


We showed you MAMAMOO (#KCON16NY performers) because Eric Nam is currently appearing on the show “We Got Married” with MAMAMOO’s Solar!

Is anyone shipping the WGM couple?


HINT: Selena Gomez

These two artists share a single by the same name! We came up with this hint because both Eric Nam and Selena Gomez released songs titled “Good For You”

Selena Gomez

FUN FACT: In just a little over a month Eric Nam’s “Good For You” music video had over a million views. Were you convinced that he’d be good for you?


HINT: Boston Red Sox

Eric Nam attended Boston College in Boston, Massachusetts, USA where the professional baseball team – The Boston Red Sox are based, so we showed you a highlight from one of their baseball games.

He’ll be close to his college stomping grounds as he travels to KCON this year in NY!


HINT: “Heaven” by Ailee

Were you able to pick up on this clue? Yet another #KCON16NY performer, Ailee’s first single was titled “Heaven.” Similarly, Eric Nam’s debut single was titled “Heaven’s Door”

Both songs are out of this world! Can’t wait to see this heavenly duo on the same stage!


HINT: Princess Peach

Big Eric Nam fans may know that the singer is originally from Atlanta, Georgia. Given that the state fruit is a Peach, it only seemed fitting to use a picture of the popular Mario character Peach!


Do you think Peach would fall for Eric Nam’s charm?


That wraps up this week’s Snapchat hints for Eric Nam! Were you able to piece together the clues? Are you excited to see Eric Nam in New York? Continue to follow KCON on our different platforms and check back with us next week as we continue to reveal more artists for KCON 2016! Nam Nation are you ready?!


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