[HINTS] Mamamoo at #KCON16NY

How excited were you to find out that these four fierce girls will be at KCON New York this year?! Mama! Moo! Mama! Moo! We can’t get their songs out of our heads! We CANNOT wait to sing along to their songs on the KCON stage! 

 Each week we will be working hard to bring you exciting news about KCON, so stay tuned and be sure to check all of our platforms whenever you get the chance!

 In other news, we would like to explain our Snapchat hints from earlier today in detail! We intentionally mixed up the hints between the two artists, so here are the hints we had for Mamamoo!

Hint #1: Jessi’s Rap from Unpretty Rapstar! Remember in the beginning of the season when Jessi went off on her fellow contestants? Those lines became popular in Korea and were even parodied in Mamamoo’s song “Taller than You!”

Hint #2: Sun, Moon, and Star Emojis. Sun = Solar! Moon is moon. Star = Byul! A lot of people actually caught onto this! Nice guessing, KCON-ers!


Hint #3: Vanessa and Winnie were arguing about their height in this one! Vanessa is clearly “Taller than” Winnie here!


Hint #4: This hint wasn’t ambiguous at all… We are glad everyone was able to recognize this!


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