[HINTS] Seventeen at #KCON16NY

KCON-ers! We are so excited to announce that Seventeen will be coming to KCON New York this year! We can’t wait to see all thirteen boys perform “Manse” and “Adore U” on the KCON stage! Vanessa and Danny had a blast on the first #KCONLiveChat and we are very excited to share this information with you!

If you’ve been following us on social media, you know that we’ve been dropping some hints as to who the artist announcement would be!

We’d like to explain these hints in detail so we are all on the same page. We mixed up the hints between the two artists, so here are the hints we had for Seventeen!

Hint #1: Song Triplets! The youngest triplet’s name is “Mansae!” “Mansae” is the name of one of Seventeen’s songs! We were surprised how many of you caught on so quickly!


Hint #2: Meanie! Meanie is a popular pairing within the group for Won Woo and Min Gyu! During Seventeen TV, Won Woo’s name was not revealed yet, so he was nicknamed Mr. Beanie! Meanie comes from Mr. Beanie + Min Gyu!

Hint #3: Ghost! What do ghosts say? Boo! Boo Seung Kwan. Get it?


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