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Dynamic Duo is a Korean hip hop duo that consists of Gaeko (real name: Kim Yoon Sung) and Choiza (real name: Choi Jae Ho).

They are childhood friends who debuted in 1999 as a hip hop group named CB mass. Then in 2004, Gaeko and Choiza officially began their career as Dynamic Duo.

Their debut album, Taxi Driver won the best hip hop album of the year and hip hop song of the year at KMA (Korean Music Awards).

A few years later in 2006, they founded the label, Amoeba Culture and continued to release albums with successful hits like,

“~~(Attendance Check),” “Solo” , “~~-5 (Guilty),” etc.

In 2009, both Gaeko and Choiza were enlisted in the Korean army and had to temporarily put a pause on their music career.

As soon as they completed their army duties in 2011 , they went straight back to working on their music and released their 6th album,

which also marked their 1 0 years of actively promoting music. Their 7th full length album ‘LUCKYNUMBERS’ released in July of 2013 and their title track,

‘BAAAM,’ placed 1st on all national music TV programs and online music sites.A year later in July of 2014, Dynamic Duo collaborated with

hip hop legend DJ Premier and released two songs “AEAO” and “Animal” which was a groundbreaking album in the Korean hip hop scene.

More recently, Gaeko released his first solo album ‘REDINGRAY’ and was praised for how honest he was in sharing about his life in his lyrics. His title track,

‘No Make Up’ ranked 1st on all online music stores and also on music TV programs. Shortly after in November of 2015, Dynamic Duo released

their 8th full length album ‘GRAND CARNIVAL.’ This album was special because they collaborated with a lot of new up and coming producers to create a fresh sound.

This comeback album was also well-received and ranked 1st on all online music sites.

Dynamic Duo is not just a nationally recognized hip hop group, but they are also very hands on producers.

They have been and continue to be executive producers for all the albums that come out of Amoeba Culture and also collaborate with a

wide spectrum of artists outside of the label. From producing beats to directing and overseeing performance/stage production,

Dynamic Duo has become a cultural icon.