KCON:TACT season 2 Membership Guide

Hi, KCON-ers!

The KCON:TACT season 2 membership opens really soon (9/29!) so we want to go through everything you need to know in order to become a member. We’re going to go through everything below but you can also view this information on our FAQ.


How Do I Join? 

  1. Go to: https://www.youtube.com/KCON/join or   https://www.youtube.com/Mnet/join
  2. Select either KCON:TACT or KCON:TACT PLUS 
  3. Click the “Join” button 
  4. Proceed with payment

**Please follow the below links should you not see a “Join” button:


Does It Matter If I Join via KCON Official or Mnet K-POP?

  • If you join via KCON Official then you may become a member of either the KCON:TACT Tier or KCON:TACT PLUS Tier
  • If you join via Mnet K-POP then you may only become a member of the KCON:TACT Tier

*This is new for KCON:TACT season 2. 


What’s the difference between KCON:TACT Tier and KCON:TACT PLUS Tier?


  • Price: $19.99
  • Viewing: All Concert + M&G programming
  • Replay stream available post-livestream. Each day’s Concert/M&G replay stream will be made available after the livestream ends by 1 a.m. KST. Members will be able to watch the replay until the next day’s concert/M&G begin. Viewers will not be able to rewind/fast-forward.  (After the event closes VOD will be made available. Please stay tuned for dates.)



  • Price: $24.99
  • Viewing: All Concert + M&G programming
  • VOD available directly after livestream. Viewers can catch the Concert and M&G directly after that day’s livestream ends.
  • NEW: (Multi Cam) FanPick Cam


What’s The Livestream Schedule?

  • Concert + M&G: 10/16-18, 10/23-25 (KST 21:00)
  • M&G: 10/19-22 (KST 21:00)

* The second M&G listed refers to additional Meet&Greet sessions that will occur October 19-22. 


Will There Be Subtitles?

KCON:TACT season 2 livestreaming will have English and Japanese subs. (Korean subs will not be available) 


Is There An End to KCON:TACT Memberships?

KCON:TACT season 2 Channel membership does not have an end period. Please stay tuned for more content!  *In accordance with YouTube’s rules, in general, your membership renews every month on the date you joined. 


Some Additional Things to Keep in Mind:

  • A portion of the channel membership profit will go to UNESCO’s Learning Never Stops campaign to help marginalized children’s education due to COVID-19
  • KCON:TACT season 2’s videos are in accordance with the Korean Communications Standards Commission. As a result, a detailed schedule is subject to change. 
  • For our members we will be releasing more detailed information via the YouTube community. Please check in for updates. 
  • In accordance with YouTube rules, for events that ask you to appear during the broadcast only those who are legal adults in their country of residence may participate.