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#KCONLiveChat Season 4 Episode 17 RECAP

ONE more week until #KCON16LA and we have jam packed (like this MEMEBOX) news for you guys! Let’s delve straight into it!

Reporting live in this week’s episode of #KCONLiveChat, Vanessa & Danny along with the handsome JuNCurryAhn tuned in to announce that the next special guest for #KCON16LA will be:

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#KCONLiveChat Season 4 Episode 16 RECAP

Only 2 more weeks until #KCON16LA! Can you believe it? It’s getting real, y’all.
Reporting live in this week’s episode of #KCONLiveChat, Vanessa is FINALLY back with Winnie & Danny to give you the rundown of the latest KCON news and information!

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#KCONLiveChat Season 4 Episode 15 RECAP

HAPPY FRIDAY KCON-ers! We have LOTS & LOTS of big news to deliver to you all. Keep reading & clicking & exploring to absorb all of KCON’s Hallyu goodness. 

Reporting live to deliver to you the latest news in this week’s episode of #KCONLiveChat, Winnie & Danny greeted you guys along with a special appearance from the handsome Hoon!

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#KCONLiveChat Season 4 Episode 14 RECAP

We had a blast with everyone who attended #KCON16NY ! All of you are what makes KCON so great and we couldn’t have done it without you :*) So from the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU! 💖

But the party isn’t over yet! We’re headed for you soon, #KCON16LA! 👣 

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#KCONLiveChat Season 4 Episode 12 RECAP

There’s only one more week left until #KCON16NY! 🎉 We are beyond stoked and can’t wait to meet you all! In this week’s episode of #KCONLiveChat Vanessa & Danny tuned in with their cool hat and shirt from KORE limited and had a lot of important news to deliver. Keep reading to prepare yourself for the best KCON ever!

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#KCONLiveChat Season 4 Episode 9 RECAP

☀️ Summer is calling ☀️ Get ready for the summer party of the year, KCON-ers!
In this week’s episode of #KCONLiveChat Vanessa & Danny tuned in from LA (with a brief appearance from our friends, the Nutty Nomads) to share some more exciting news! KCON has invited our special guests to come play with us at #KCON16NY: